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Facebook Timeline: How to Customize Your Page’s Featured Likes

Published on July 22, 2012, by
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Featured Likes on FacebookEvery Facebook page has an area that displays other pages that your brand likes, “featured likes”. See the example (click to see larger) ->
The pages that your brand likes bring forth a great opportunity for networking and advertising. I use the likes on my Facebook page as an industry related resource so visitors can see who influences me and what I do. I use the featured likes to promote brands that I like, Ovaleye Cloud Services is who I work for, and therefore promote, Small Businesses Do it Better is an amazing resource for small business owners, of which I also choose to promote. The bottom featured page rotates between all of the other pages I like, since I only chose to fill two of the five featured slots. Do remember that visitors see these and who you choose may leave an impression about your brand.

To change who you feature click the “Edit Page” in the top right corner and select “Manage Permissions”.

Manage facebook page permissions

edit Featured Likes on FacebookFrom the menu list on the left, select “Featured”. Click “Edit Featured Likes” and all of the pages that your page likes will come up in one menu. (Click image to see larger) Simply check the boxes of who you want featured (up to five), if you choose less than five, the remaining slots will randomly rotate other pages you like.

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