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How Your Website Can Get More Traffic From Having a Google+ Profile

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google_plusBy now you’ve heard of Google Plus, but you still may not have create a profile…you should. Think about it this way, Google is the most used search engine and they give priority to their services and those who use them. Not to mention, because Google.com is the most visited website, the sites they own (Google+, You Tube, Picasa, etc.) will naturally have higher search results than others.

Take a look at this screenshot below from when I searched for “social media”. There are four areas on this search that would not appear if you did not have a Google+ profile. The large area on the right is an entirely separate search result, only including content from Google Plus, from people you may or may not be following.

The two lower items on the left side are the natural Google search results, but point out who, from within your Google Plus Circles, has previously +1′d (like Facebook’s “like”) or shared this information. This is essentially an endorsement of this content, that your eye is drawn to, that your friend has already suggested is good content.

The other area to point out is on the very top, which shows you that there are another 80 search results from within your Google+ Circles. Clicking on this will show you only these results.

Google Plus Search Results

So, how you ask, does this bring my website more traffic? By having a profile, sharing content, +1′ing content and participating on the network, your profile will appear in these search results. Your profile popping up all over Google’s search results will bring people to your profile, who will see your website address, and thus, clicking on it and bringing you traffic. Add the +1 button to your website (in the upper right corner of this site above the Facebook like) and appear in even more results, getting more traffic.

Create your Google Plus profile
Create a Google Plus Business page
Follow me on Google Plus
Get the +1 button for your website
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17 Responses

  1. I also had a Google plus account, but I never tried to make traffic from Google plus. Your article is truly amazing. I learnt a lot form it.

    Thanks for sharing such important ideas with us.
    Blog Tips and Tricks recently posted..Importance of Forum Posting in SEO

  2. It’s funny – most of the searches I do only have the “personal results” at the top and the so-and-so +1′d this.

    I had never seen the right hand section before – guess I don’t search popular topics :)
    Jaime recently posted..Creating Flair :: F is for Functional

  3. Paduka

    I agree with you.. in Google search, your article or web will have a star. The more +1, page one of Google is yours…

    great article, +1…. :)
    Paduka recently posted..How to Choose Best Product on Amazon Before You Buy

  4. Nice post and screenshots here Carissa,

    I definatly think google+ is a powerful tool to get more traffic. The +1s act as a great reassurance to people that your site is genuine and it builds a sense of trust that over people like the site.
    Geoff@Holiday Watchdog recently posted..MS Destiny | Colourful Coast Cruise | Canary Islands | Holiday Complaints | January/February 2012

  5. I still haven’t really capitalized on the google + traffic model. It still isn’t the most popular medium of sharing, I think.
    Adeline recently posted..How to Archive Gmail Messages

  6. Google is pushing it’s social service very hard and I think that ever website owner have to be on Google+ otherwise will have to lose loads of organic visitors from Google.
    I think Google will base their search algorithm on Google+ results more and more.
    Steven recently posted..Vocabulary Level E Answers

  7. I don’t think Google+ has reached its full level of popularity yet… but although people may not be using it as much as Facebook and Twitter at the moment, I think it’s still crucial for companies to have an account, because I have a feeling that Google will start looking more and more to Google+ when it comes to rankings in their search engine. Good article!

  8. I had never knew if we had Google + account it will help my website to show up in search engine, thanks for this article, i dont have one, definetely after reading this I’m gonna create google + account.

  9. My Google+ profile is reasonably well filled out and I accept regular connection requests but I won’t lie, I haven’t really seen the whole point in it yet. My blog is fully armed with the +1 tabs though, so hopefully this will help me out.
    Gareth Morgan recently posted..The Six Figure Mentors Review

  10. Thanks for the tips. I had a personal google+ account but didnt know about the business one. Thanks for the info great post.
    Craig recently posted..Change file association with windows default programs

  11. Thanks for your post. I have been used google+ for some days, but I didn’t know how to make from traffic from it. I’ll try!
    Sambrena recently posted..Kvisoft Launches Flip Book Maker 3.5 for Publishing to Mobile Devices and MAC

  12. John Peterson

    I have been using google plus since it came but never knew that it could be used to drive more traffic. thanks for this good post explaining about it.

  13. I find it’s very difficult to get traffic from google+1. Thanks for your useful share.

  14. I totally agree with you,we can get more traffic by using G+ profile
    Thanks for sharing your thought
    ioana moise recently posted..Chat room

  15. G+ really makes the difference.I connected my blog with my G+ profile, that enhances the traffic a little :)
    Dima recently posted..Wrinkles-10 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles on Face

  16. Was not sure about this idea.. Will create a G+ accout today.. Thanks a lot…

  17. This is a nice blog post…Google is the most used search engine and they give priority to their services and those who use them. Not to mention, because Google.com is the most visited website will naturally have higher search results than others. Thanks for this blog commenting.

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